Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lana’s Interview Tip of the Day

…I think a drum roll might be in order here…
So you did it, your resume proved you were a fabulous candidate, you dressed up in your most professional looking ensemble, and made your way to the interview. While sitting across from your prospective superiors you are asked, “What are your weaknesses?”  Gasp! You feared this question might come up, but were hoping your show-stopping smile would prove to them that you have no imperfections. There is a large silence, so large that while you are supposed to be thinking of the best way to answer this question you get distracted by two coworkers in the hall arguing over which one didn’t refill the copier’s paper tray.
Just face it, there is a high likelihood that you will be asked what your weaknesses are while in interview. There is no reason not to be prepared for this possibility. The best policy is: be honest, but consider mentioning something that adds worth to your abilities as well.
Here are a few examples:
“I have a very competitive nature, which has been a hindrance to me while working n some fields, but then I discovered that this weakness is an asset to me while working in sales.”
“My organizational skills have always been lacking. I know it’s a fault of mine, this is why in my last position I developed an organizational checklist that proved to be so successful it was distributed and used by my entire department.”
Everyone has weaknesses, but not everyone has the ability to own up to them and work with them.  Prove to your interviewers that you are that person.


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  2. That’s the great tip! I would be very happy if someone told me that before my first job interview in a big company. They asked me to say what my downfalls and negative sides are. How can I say negative things about myself if I want to shine on the interview and get a job? However, job seekers must get ready for an interview and prepare the answers for possible tough questions. Also it’s important to have a good resume because managers pay so much attention to it. I used resume writing services in NY to order mine and it helped me to get the desired job!

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  4. Oh god.. I`m happy that nobody asked me that question on the interview when i was going to get a job which i have right now. I consider myself lucky, i guess :) Because i would be like "Answer to this with a short list or as detailed as possible?" and than i would start to bomb their minds with lots of details. Aaaaaand thats it, my job is gone.
    I`m too honest as a person and lots of bosses don`t like me because of that. But I`m a good worker and I know it. I love it my job and would do anything to stay here :D
    I work as a writer and love, love, love it! :) Good luck to all of you on the interview

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